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Dear Artist,

I am completely hurt and heartbroken.

I keep feeling as if I need to write you..

It’s been a long time and I really should write you something..

But I, for the first time in a long time, just have very few words.

I have three kids, two boys (ages 15 and 11) and a little girl (age 9). I have done everything in my power to shield them during the pandemic, comfort them as they lost the opportunity to close out their school year with their friends, and keep them focused as school session moved online.

I did everything a mother possibly could as this illness swept the world, but please tell me how I am supposed to explain the fact that someone their skin color be murdered by people hired to protect them?

How am I supposed to explain to my son who is currently learning how to drive that Driver’s Ed is not fixing to teach you what us as Black people already know and have seen with our own eyes?

I know this has been going on for years and that there are more unrecorded situations involving police officers taking lives than recorded ones, but aren’t you tired of it yet?

With all of this said and tears in my eyes, I must tell you right now that if you are not tuned in to what is happening in the world right now or even trying to do something about it, I am not writing this to change your mind.

I just want to tell you that as a mother, a daughter, a Black woman, and a fighter, don’t send me your music videos if you are throwing money.

I don’t want to see your Fendi, Gucci, expensive shoes or cars or diamonds on your wrist because if you are pulled over, “they” will steal all of that before you even make it to jail.

I don’t care about your expensive clothes because your blood will stain em’ just the same.

If you aren’t tuned in to what is happening right now, that is your choice. 

But the reality is, we are experiencing a shift in real time. 

If you are still reading, you now have a choice how you wish to proceed.

Personally, I have had such a heavy heart lately trying to figure out how can I possibly lend my art, my platform, and my time to helping in anyway I can so that I can make a better world for my kids to live in.

It is not up to me to decide your path for you, but my faith in the creative community gives me hope that you won’t just read this letter and turn the other way.

I hope that you will try to use your craft in these days to uplift, inspire, motivate, and rally your corner of the world. I hope that you won’t just create music for this moment without action behind it. I hope that you will try to figure out how we can stand together.

I just hope you do it for my kids, for your kids, for the future…



Rocky Rockett


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