Houston’s own DJ Supastar turns December up with movie premier!

We all love movies right? It’s even better when you can go to the premier. That’s the experience that DJ Supastar provided for everyone in the city, for the free.

December 16th, of this year was a day to be there. DJ Supastar hosted a premier event of Deon Taylor’s, Fatale, a drama-thriller filled with stars and models that you catch throughout the film. Following social distance and COVID -19 protocols, each group sat far between, still wearing their masks and using the sanitizer stations before and while in the theatre. The event was free and open to the public. Prior to the film beginning, DJ Supastar gave a thank you speech for everyone showing up, following protocols, and encouraging them to remain safe during this pandemic. Which has proven in Texas, is a fatal virus, even with the ongoing vaccine trials. As you’re reading this, for those of you who might not know who Supastar is, here’s a quick bio.

About DJ Supastar [ Bio and information from the Heist Agency] :

MOM, TRAILBLAZER, MOTIVATOR, CURATOR – the DJ, the philanthropist, and TV Personality 

Spinning since 2001, with the ability to play ANY room, DJ Supastar has been on the fast track to success. In the long-standing tradition of female DJs, she is proving that talent is still the order of the day. As an on-air personality, you can catch DJ Supastar Monday – Friday spinning on Houston’s 93.7 the Beat (iHeartRadio) and weekly on local TV (Fox 26) for The Isiah Factor Show.  She also hosts her podcast, “She’s Got the Juice” along with a community show called “FACE THE BEAT” on Sunday mornings that focuses on community issues, while also highlighting local leaders as well.

A local and celebrity favorite, with an impactful social media presence, DJ Supastar also works weekly as a host/MC, DJ and influencer with a number of clubs, private events, celebrity parties and corporate partners. She’ graced stages nationally for the ESSENCE Festival, CIAA, Super Bowl, NBA All-star Weekend, and more.  She also has appeared on BET’s/Smirnoff’s “Master of the Mix” and was the very first female DJ to spin for the 2013 NBA ALL STAR JAM SESSION weekend, held in Houston. Her fondest DJ experience was the opportunity to DJ for fellow Houston native, Beyoncé & Jay-Z for a private event in 2015 during the OTR I Tour.  She loves her community, especially the youth and often spends time mentoring through her “Supastar Spin Academy”, which offers DJ classes for individuals who are interested in learning “The Art of DJing” and is the only female DJ to do so in the US!

[ Bio & Information from the Heist Agency ]

The film, proved to be nothing short of eye-catching, heart-pounding, drama-filled with a thriller touch. Fatale is about a successful sports agent who travels away on vacation, only to find himself in an entanglement in a one night stand – with a lead detective in his own hometown. Similar to the Fatal Attraction plot, he tries his hardest to make sure his wife doesn’t find out. But what he doesn’t know, actually hurts him.

Throughout the film as stated before, you find many celebrities that are a staple in the film culture like Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Michael Ealy (Barbershop), Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby ), and of course Tyrin Turner (Menace II Society)…etc There is more information, but you’ll have to see the film to get the references.

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