Noie J drops visual for “Jumping Jacks” freestyle.

Is Noie J the hardest white boy in Houston? If not then who is? Name another white rapper, in the H, who has a catalog with quality music as deep as Noie J’s. You probably can’t. Now the south-side Houston artist just realized a short video for his freestyle “Jumpin’ Jacks.” On the track, Noie used his soft tone voice just to let you know that he’s actually far from soft.

Even though he’s white, and rapping in a par of brown overall, he’s totally with all the bs. Seriously, he got the trap jumping like his new song “Jumpin’ Jacks.” He got the strap on him if you try him, and he might pull a shiest move if he thinks you’re vulnerable to it. The city of Houston should take note of Noie because it’s no stoping him.

Earlier I said that there was not another white rapper as hard as Noie, but there actually is, Paul Wall. If you’re in the same sentence as a Houston living legend, you’re in good shape. Check out the Noie’s “Jumpin’ Jacks” below. 

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