New Music Mondays: Rocky Banks – Lemonade

If there was any comparison to this artist, it would be Kendrick Lamar. The alliteration, vibe feelings in regards to sound and lyrics, along with the pairing of a dope hook makes MoCity’s own, Rocky Banks one of one to do such thing. To be quite honest, Rocky Banks has been in the game for more than 10 years. Still as a young artist, you can tell that once he found his personal sound, he stuck with it. Often times for young artists, they change their sounds to fit the world around them. Banks on the other hand, made the world change so they could correctly listen to him. He’s been jamming since he and Kwasei La’Flare released their single B.O.B on Soundcloud. It should be an understatement calling him an underground artist when he’s broken ground as head of his music, his empire as an independent artist, and music composition pertaining to how he wants his sound to be.

March of this year, he released a single called Lemonade (pro
d. Gooney Tunes), which has been on repeat since the drop. Since then, he has put out many singles and even a new tape called Mojo Tape Vol.1 . Question being, Who is going to sign him? The intro itself makes you wonder which sample of song he used, then comes the record scratch, paired with the melody and a faint sound of what is similar to the opening sound of a gameboy. Houston, be prepared for the new sound, called the independent sound. Allowing the artist to have their own mark but have similar rap styles as the OGs from when we were younger. This single showcases having fun, hustling and being yourself on a day to day basis in a forever evolving city, like Houston. Trust me, he’s going to blow up in and out the city on his own, it’s only a matter of time.

Check out the single below. Tell us what you think. It’s available on all platforms, just click the link.


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