Bun B – This World ft. Trae Tha Truth, Raheem DeVaughn and Big K.R.I.T | Video Release

May 25th of this year marked the one – year anniversary that the entire culture cringed and watched in agony as a Black Man by the name of George Floyd was murdered by police. It sparked many movements in our culture as Black and Brown people, from across the globe, however, that didn’t stop the violence and murder of our people. Since that treacherous day, we’ve seen our people like Breonna Taylor, Andrew Brown, Daunte Wright, George Floyd and many more die at the hands of those meant to protect us.

Some action has taken place, but according to research, less than two percent of officers are ever charged. Meaning, that they receive a “slap on the wrist”. Those that have had action brought against them were done so because of our people bringing it to the lawmakers, and that percentage is even smaller than the two percent mentioned before.

Black people have been fighting and marching for justice since the beginning of time, yet why are we the targeted ones being slain? Everything we have is stolen in some way, shape or form, our culture is frequently copied and pasted into another realm and passed off as creativity at their hands, other than the originators. In the words of OG Bun B:

…Who would have thought
That the fight for basic civil rights was still left to be fought
Even after we lost Huey, Hampton, Martin and Malcolm
To racist elite power structures whiter than talcum?
See, they’ve been treatin’ my people like they ain’t equal
Sincе the slave ships and now we livin’ in a sеquel

Talkin’ ’bout ’em lynchin’ us, burnin’ us and killin’ us
For 400 years, and man, they still ain’t feelin’ us!

Once this lyric was heard, the entire single resonated. This World, produced by Cory Mo and Zaytoven, used some of the most heavy hitters in this music industry to get this message across to the world. From Bun B and Trae Tha Truth to Raheem DeVaughn and Big K.R.I.T, the message within is clear, we must keep the faith and fight for those who can’t. Every time some injustice happens against us, it seems that the world that’s not in tuned with us, falls on deaf ears.

The production to the lyricism of this body of work is just what was needed to put that fire under the culture’s ass again. Raheem DeVaughn singing his pain, Zaytoven & Cory Mo playing the keys like they’re playing the pain in church & Bun B, Big K.R.I.T, and Trae Tha Truth spitting the hardest transparent, emotionally gripping lyrics heard thus far.

Before you click, just remember :

I’ve seen joy and pain in this world
I’m just tryin’ to remain in this world
I even pray to God for change in this world
I’ve seen some troubled times in this world
‘Cause my Black life matters in this world
‘Til we’re equal in this world
Power to the people in this world

Check out the full video below.


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