Northside Emcee Brick OTB Drops ‘Moon Talk’ EP

The entire world faced unexpected challenges in the year 2020. Who would’ve imagined that we’d be in the smack dap of a global pandemic? Probably nobody. We all have stories on how we overcame many difficulties of the Corna virus days. Houston rapper Brick On Tha Beat (OTB) used five tracks to tell us his story on his Moon Talk EP. 

In 2020, it might’ve felt perplexing to keep a positive mindset. It might’ve seemed like the world became a cold place, but what do you do when it’s cold? You cover-up. I know, easier said than done? But on track 1 of Brick’s Moon Talk, the Northside native made keeping a positive outlook, look effortless. 

“Hoodie Szn,” is a perfect intro for Brick’s story. Over a melodic, laid-back sample produced by DrellOnTheTrack, Brick needed no hook to rap his unfiltered emotions. Brick is Devin The Dude meets Kendrick mixed with fellow Black Hippie member, Ab Soul. Brick, an obvious productive stoner, is spirtualy open and transparent about his deep connection with astrology, in which he uses to manifest warmth in what he called a cold world. 

Track 2, “Runnin’ It Back,” the Wave House rapper made a more traditional song. Still using melodic samples, and a smooth tone, Brick gives us a more direct delivery on what that troubling time caused the world. The song even comes with a cool catchy hook, not a corny one. 

“Living Right,” track 3, is one we heard already. Brick released this track as the first single off the project. He used this track to relay a message he received from some divine power. He raps, “I met an apostle, and he said I was a prophet. I said, “How can that be when I’m so lost in life? He said never doubt yourself that could cost ya life.”

Track 4, “Shine in the Winter,” the track of nostalgia. Very nonchalantly, Brick talks about all his H-Town influences, while still connecting consumers a deeper meaning of life. While mentioning candy paint, Big Moe, being a Barre Baby, Brick is still telling you, he’s putting his soul in his bars to raise the bar in hopes to “break the chains of systems of control.”

In the closing track, “Pisces Moon (Moon Talk),” Brick taps deep into his consciousness to give us his perspective of what’s happening in the time, but he’s also telling you who he is. He’s an astrology extremist, who can manifest his future, who can be controversial, and he’s from Houston. Brick managed to articulate all of those elements in one track. He’s dropping gems, he got some screw in there, and he’s still uplifting the people.

Jam Brick On Tha Beat’s Moon Talk EP above, and for more on this artist, follow him on Instagram @Brick_OTB.

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