OMB Bloodbath Did It With New Track “Don’t Do It”

They might not have wanted OMB Bloodbath to bring the ghetto to the industry, but she did it anyways with her new track “Don’t Do It.” The female hot spitter from Houston’s Third Ward gets versatile on this track as she continues to prove that there is no denying her. Houston knows Bloodbath for her in-depth wordplay that came along with a hardcore lyrical substance, but on “Don’t Do It,” the 103 rapper switched it up, but for the better. On the hook, Bloodbath delivers a catchy anthem-style melodic hook, but once her verse starts, it’s back to Bloodbath effortlessly killing the beat, as she’s known to do. “Don’t Do It,” clearly shows the elevation of Bloodbath’s artistry as a whole. Jam “Don’t Do It” above.

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