One Of Houston’s Hottest Rappers, Laray Da Savage, Signs Record Deal With Sankofa Sounds

One of the hottest rappers in Houston has just signed a record deal. Laray The Savage, the artist from the Third Ward of H-Town, took over the streets in 2019 with his smash single “Soul Talking,” since then Laray’s notoriety has elevated exponentially and now is being backed by the Houston-based label, Sankofa Sounds.

The details about the signing has yet to be publicized, but Laray seems to be excited about the terms.

“Stepping into this new journey with Sankofa, we’re about to make history,” said Laray.

Its very rare for a Houston artists to find an efficient and effective machine to push them to higher levels, but Laray has found that in Sankofa. He now joins a team of experienced music industry workers with quality and knowledge to take a level up the career of a buzzing artist.

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