Houston’s Own Brick OTB Raps Fluently On New Track “Water Poetry”

Brick OTB from the Northside of Houston is back using the beat as ventilation or as a vocal dairy. When Brick raps it’s seems as he having a conversation with his listeners, and every conversation is transparent, intimate, and he’s tapping you in tuned with yourself.

On his new track, “Water Poetry,” he remixed Drake’s “Champagne Poetry,” but went Jay-Z on the opening line.

He goes, “Allow me to reintroduce myself for those who don’t know me. Theses days I don’t even get close with most homies.” From there Brick uses pantheism in his lyrics preaching that everything comes from manifestations of the universe. He’s big on spirituality and Devine energy from the Cosmos.

He does all this while rapping. And although he’s spitting a positive message, he’s still shouldn’t be taken lightly. He raps, “You know that I’m a peaceful type of player, but we can turn this b***h into the Pistons and the Pacers.” If you remember the malice in the Palace, then you know.

Check out Brick’s new track “Water Poetry,” above and for more on this Wave House H-Town artist, follow him on Instagram @Brick_OTB.

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