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Written by: Jay Baythin

Author Christine McCloud is giving insight on the journey of an individual with cancer, in her debut book “Take Yo AZZ to the Doctor”. In 2019, Christine started feeling tired and sometimes weak. She went a year feeling like that before going to the doctors. She brushed off those sluggish symptoms as needing to be more active physically. One day Christine woke up with a large mass on her neck. When she told her mother, her mother instantly urged Christine to go to the hospital. After going to the hospital and having test ran, Christine was notified that cancer was present in her body. They diagnosed her with Grey Zone Lymphoma.

Immediately all kinds of questions ran through her mind. “How could this be?” “God why me?” I’m so young. I’m so pretty. “How do I have cancer?”. Many questions that wouldn’t  have answers at the moment. Once receiving the news of her condition, the journey of fighting her illness began. Christine would undergo chemotherapy, spending weeks in the hospital at times. It was extremely difficult for Christine in the early stages. She have 2 young beautiful children depending on her. Christine McCloud son (oldest) would sometimes just look at his mom in pain.. wanting to help, but don’t how. Her daughter (youngest) was just a baby. Christine was heartbroken, yet knew she had to fight.. not only for herself but for her children.

During those early days of fighting, close relatives would show up for Christine. Her mother, brothers, children fathers, and children grandparents would help. They would get the children for Christine while she was ill. Her brothers would bring her food. She would have help making sure the house was in order, the children was taking care of, and that gave her great comfort. Christine McCloud support system was in full effect. There was days that she couldn’t walk. Barely talk. Losing her hair. Losing weight. Couldn’t feed herself. Christine would have to take 11 pills daily. The love of a mother was present. Her mother would make sure she took her medication and also would feed her. Mothers are wonderful!

While in the hospital Christine would begin to write. Going through all of the emotions of an individual who’s sick. McCloud would write when she was sad. Would write when she was happy. Sometimes would be to frustrated to write, but she always eventually start back writing. Christine knew she wanted to tell her story. She did just that. In her book she speaks of the things that transpired, leading up to the time the book was published. Current day Christine McCloud is happy and in good spirits. Hair growing back. Still ill with an enormous amount of faith. The type of cancer she have is curable and she looking to be cancer free within months. With her book she want to let people know “Take Yo Azz to the Doctor”!

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