Written by: Jay Baythin

Kyrie Irving is one of the greatest talents who have step foot on a basketball court. Born March 23, 1992 to parents that both played collegiate basketball. It was inevitable for him to be skilled on the court. At a very tender age Kyrie’s mother transitioned to another life. His father raised him and his siblings. Growing up without your mother present physically is challenging for any individual. Kyrie seems to have handled it well. He put in countless hours working on his craft, harnessing his skills. Giving fans across the world a show to remember.

Anytime a love one passes, your perspective of life changes. You begin to realize what’s important in life. Family.. Love.. Memories.. Moments.. the things that stay with people forever. Something that Kyrie Irving learned early in life. Kyrie plays the game with passion, pose, and represents the NBA in a marvelous light. He always showed where he stand on particular situations without compromising. He believes what he believes and he stand on it. Showing great courage. The talented NBA star have donated his time and earnings to various causes.

From purchasing a home for the family of George Floyd, to donating to the WNBA players who opt to not play when the league restarted its season during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also donated to the Brooklyn’s Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change as well as other organizations. These are not characteristics of a selfish individual. Someone who loves the game of basketball like Kyrie, wants to be out there competing. This situation is no longer about a vaccine. It’s about scrutinizing a man for being defiant. Rules are rules and they must be abide by. In this case it shouldn’t be a rule to begin with.

Especially considering everyone is at risked  weather they’re vaccinated or unvaccinated. Kyrie making a bold choice that’s beautiful to watch. Just cause you pay me don’t mean you own me. The spiritual journey that Kyrie Irving have embarked on seems to be fulfilling to him. Enlightening Kyrie on a broader overall outlook on existence. Kyrie Irving decision should be respected. His bravery to stand on his decision should be commended.

As we all watch as this situation plays out, one thing is heavily displayed. How hypocritical humanity is!