Written by: Jay Baythin

DJ Svnny D is a key component in Nashville underground artist scene. Upon leaving school in 2017 he started djing. He was on the radio at TSU where he couldn’t find a consistent DJ for the show, in which he began to DJ. The road to where he’s at now have been a true testament to his drive. He enter post grad school because he had an internship at a company.

He decided post grad school wasn’t for him so he dropped out. Around the time he left post grad school, he worked at Concrete Magazine. Where he started to find his way to what he do today. DJ Svnny D started doing artist showcases where he would have the magazine available for the people who came out to the shows. One thing that gave him the idea of having showcases was having a gig to DJ.

Instead of waiting around to get booked for a DJ gig he would have a showcase. DJ Svnny D brings good vibes wherever he goes. When opening his showcases, his signature slogan “Peace Love & Belly Rubs” sends amazing energy throughout the venue. He plans on continuing to have showcases while growing his “Peace Love & Belly Rubs” line. He also DJ at the TSU basketball games.

If looking to have a DJ that brings the fun and good vibes? DJ Svnny D is the guy.

IG: @djsvnnyd

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