Blakesto Makes His Houston Trend Debut With “BETTER WITH YOU” Video

R&B artist Blakesto from Houston’s Third Ward is undoubtedly a smooth man, and he displays it in his new video, “BETTER WITH YOU.”

OShotYou did a great job at capturing the quintessence of Blakesto’s lifestyle. He’s showing Blakesto and his crew having a wonderful night out, which corresponds perfectly with the song’s vibe.

The song “BETTER WITH YOU,” is designed to attract queens, and the song and video tell you that simultaneously.

Over a sexy dance beat, the man is guiding you on how to bag ladies while singing. He gives exact detail on what to do and say when you catch vibes from your eye candy in the club. Just repeat after him when you think you got her attention. Tell her that you’re good, but “I’m better with you.”

Check out Blakesto newest video above, but for more music from this artist watch his “Still Mine” video below and follow him on Instagram @Blakesto.

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