OMB Bloodbath Drops “Not Gang” Video Ft. EST Gee


From the Third Ward area of Houston, OMB Bloodbath takes a trip from the ghetto to the church in her new video “Not Gang” Ft. Est Gee. In “Not Gang,” the LVRN (Love Renaissance) artist, OMB, delivered a confessional style video where she’s in an empty church rapping her sinful thoughts to a priest. She lets it be known off the rip, she raps, “You know that I’m evil just give me a reason and you see them shots flame.”

Right after that, she’s back thuggin’ on the block with her people before Kentucky’s finest, EST takes over. EST, the sliding spokesperson, took a trip to a place where he raps about sending the most people, the graveyard. And in the place that he’s familiar with, he reassures the listeners that he isn’t afraid to send people there. He raps, “He lost his life for a b***h n***a tender, here go some hot s**t to cool out that temper.”

Right now Bloodbath is easily one of the hottest female rappers in the game and for more on her music, check out her “Blood Sample” EP.

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