There hasn’t been a more consistent rapper in these Houston streets than Laray Da Savage. As of late, the Third Ward native has been the definition of feeding the streets. Seems like every week, he’s been a voice for the streets, and now he’s back with the “Symphonies” official music video.

He calls it “trap soul,” but I call it “rap soul,” because Laray is clearly rapping from his soul on “Symphonies.” Although the video shot by Studio 713 has some of the dopest effects and transitions, Laray isn’t doing too much in the video. He’s simply speaking for the streets.

He raps,”They think I made it, but the whole time I was coming up. It be crazy because I ain’t got nobody to lean on. Them n****s talk behind my back, but they don’t think I know, I can’t lie that fake love got me fed up.”

What’s special about the “Symphonies,” video is that it does a perfect job of highlighting the things that Laray values the most.

In the video, he’s surrounded by real love. Either he’s on his porch getting his hair done, shopping with his crew, spending time with his son, and making music. All the things that keep Laray going.

Enjoy the “Symphonies” above and watch the entire video because at the end, he previews a new joint that’s just as sincere, if not more. For more on this artist, follow him on Instagram @laraydasavage2x.