Houston Female Rapper Takes It All The Way There On New Track “Petty”

As of late, there has been a sense of urgency with female independence in Houston’s rap game. The ladies are coming for the throne, and it’s evident in the music.

Female rapper SEYVN effortlessly displays her no need for nobody in her new song “Petty.” She’s being straightforward with this one. Over a heavy-horn led trap production beat, SEYVN gives it to us raw like sex literally.

Listen to her, she said, “n****s can’t play me, I got them calling me, driving me crazy. They want to see me turn up on that Henny and twerk on that d**k like she’s riding a Hemi.”

“Petty” is no doubt an explicit song that’s liable to make any situation Heaven or Hell, depending on how she feels, because she’s “Petty.”

Enjoy this track above, and for more on this artist, follow her on Instagram at @Yvonnemodel.

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