Before 2021 ended, one thing everyone could agree on was the heavy cap that was going on in both, social media & real life. For those that don’t know “Cappin, is the incorrect portrayal of oneself in order to perceive totally different to others on every platform than what it actually is – J.Renae definition.” For some reason, everyone from every angle was saying one thing and doing another but acting as if they accomplished something. Therefore, it was time to call them out.

Houston heavyweights, Yung Martez & OTB Fastlane created what is soon to be known as the anthem for bringing in the new year of 2022. More than 105k views and growing, Cappin calls out all of whom think they can get away with it. How do you call Cap on someone? By telling them the REAL experiences you’ve been through. One of the tendencies for a capper is that they have the inability to leave you alone. Which is why Martez and OTB are calling them out for it. Cappin begins with the most melodic undertone, then hits you with that underlying bass with the snares, adlibs (from Martez & OTB), and finally the ultimate hook that cements this single as the standard for the entire year of 2022. Houston’s fifth ward is coming hard and coming for the cappers!

One of the most iconic verses has to be:

“..These n*ggas hate to see the truth so they be telling lies

Be watching waiting for me to fold, my life is televised..”

– Yung Martez 

The energy in the single shows just how when some the top rappers of Houston come together, greatness can be created and laminated in music.

Check out the video below, and don’t forget to click the link above! Cappin available on all platforms!

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