Artist JT Creates His Own Vibe with Mixtape: Good Luck

Houston not only produces some of the most creative minds known to man, but even more-so creates a space for many others to allow theirs to grow! Whether you’re new to the city by moving here, or  a student attending one of the best colleges it has to offer; creativity is something that you will tap into, every day.

One student in particular, JT, released a mixtape called Good Luck, available on his website and multimedia platforms. The 19-year old made a big move to come to Houston and attend Texas Southern University. Though some miles from his home state, he created an entirely different sound in the city and it has been creating some buzz. The 11-song mixtape has its own sound, but also contains some classic, subtle Houston sounds throughout.

Peaks allows JT to showcase the harmonious melody of his own vocals, with a deep 808 beat, unlike any other, with him isolating his vocals and then coming together through the song. 

In the track Weary, his lyricism stems from a place of experience, emotion, and power. A mixture of Neo-Soul, with a hint of modern R&B, towards the end he lets the beat ride, leaving you wanting more! 

The more you listen you also get a new ear for another artist feature on one of the tracks, 19 , named Elise Amoura, wonderful chemistry between her and JT on this coastal track! It’s as if you’re driving and you just want to vibe with the outside and its wholesomeness. No beat is like the other, perfecting the variety through the mixtape that embodies true music, classic music. Hard to believe he’s as young as he is, but his music represents the Classic sound of every genre and allows them to flow together, making him stand out from the norm. 

West Coast Cypher truly shines light on JT’s lyricism. A straight forward, rapid fire, visuality that has a Tyler the Creator mix with Childish Gambino break, flow & pace familiarity.  

The entire mixtape has the ability to place you in an unexplainable, pleasant, chill, peaceful vibe and then some! Another treat that’s available from his catalog is the Chopped n Screwed version of Wanna Have Baby which is exclusively on SoundCloud (click the link).

Check out the full mixtape below!






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