New Artist, Darius Jay Making Noise in the City!

Through finding true peace of mind in music, Texas-based artist Darius Jay (tap here for all music platforms) has discovered an art form in which he can express himself in its purest form. Now living for music, he’s striving to share who he is with the world, and leaving his legacy behind in the process.

Having been spitting bars and making music from the age of 10, Darius Jay first announced his arrival upon the music scene in 2014, with the smooth stylings of ‘After Hour (2AM)’ featuring Slim Thug highlighting the potential that he’s always held as an artist.

Since then Darius has gone from strength to strength along with veteran indie label AREA57 MUSIC GROUP/EMPIRE, collaborating with the likes of Grammy award-winning producer Lab Box (Beyonce, Rihanna), Shawn George (Kimberlle, James Fortune), and Cameron Wallace (Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown), as well as teaming up with DJ Michael 5000 Watts who’s helped push Darius’ music onto the Texas airwaves. Additionally, Darius Jay has gone on to win awards for both performance and giving back to his community; which were awarded by the Texas State Congress, Shiela Lee Jackson. 

His latest single, ‘Pop It Slow’, which features fellow artist BeatKing, is the perfect encapsulation of Darius Jay’s silky vocal delivery and expertly curated wordplay. With previous collaborations with the likes of Kevin Gates, Loverance, and Lil KeKe all acting as additional indicators of Darius’ talents, fans will be excited to hear that his debut album, ‘Legend Talk’ is now in the works.

Check out Pop It Slow below.

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