Millennial Entrepreneur: Taylor Symone is Taking Texas by Storm with Touch-N-Skin Brand


In 2020, there were over 160,000 spas, earning $68 billion in revenue. Before 2020, spa revenues were growing by 8.7% annually. Like many Industries, The Wellness Industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the sector shrank by 38.6% from 2019-to 2020.

Fortunately, Serial Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Aesthetician Taylor Symone has been able to sustain and provide the best in Wellness for the residents of Dallas, Texas, and its tourists. 

She’s given “Self-Made” a new meaning as so many other Women have over the last decade across several Male-Dominated Industries. In the name of expansion, Symone has her eyes set on Atlanta and abroad as she prepares to franchise her Touch-N-Skin Wellness Spa Brand. 

Who Is Taylor Symone? 

Resilient, passionate, and purposeful are the words that come to mind when one thinks of Dallas, Texas native Taylor Symone. She isn’t afraid of being transparent regarding her personal story. She overcame obstacles and battles that came her way, but with each encounter, she smiled when faced with adversity. She turned her pain into passion and used it as a source of strength as she encouraged others to find their inner beauty while redefining outer beauty. In a world fixated on filters and quick fixes when it comes to beauty standards, Touch-N-Skin, the business Taylor owns, teaches young women and men alike the true meaning of beauty.

Taylor has been a licensed esthetician since 2014 and prides herself in providing services that promote healthy living as well as healthy food consumption, which in turn leads to healthy skin and emphasizes natural beauty. Entrepreneurship was ingrained in Taylor’s mind early through family influences. Becoming a mother fueled her passion for pursuing entrepreneurship full-time. It allows Taylor, a wife and mother of kings, more flexibility and freedom to balance her home and professional life.

Through her relationships in business, Taylor has also immersed herself in philanthropic efforts. She understands the importance of giving back to the community and busies herself doing so. Taylor understands the importance of her past regarding her future. Her openness with her clients helped her realize how important it is to use your own life experiences to encourage others.

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