Bootha From The SWAT Drops “No Negotiating” Performance Video

If my way or the high way was a song, it’d be Bootha’s “No Negotiating.” Coming from the Southwest Alief Texas, Bootha experiences hard times resulting in turning to the streets to fix his financial struggles. A few years of terrorizing the S.W.A.T streets, he realized that the streets wasn’t his best decision, and after doing five years in prison, he’s turned to music for his gateway and he’s come along way.

Bootha, now a certified rap artist, has changed his life and seeing that he escaped the rugged street life, there is no negotiating when it comes to how he’s living. And why would there be? He’s making major noise with his new his music, he reached over 100k on streams Spotify and he’s on the path of success.

His new video is simple. In “No Negotiating” Bootha does his performance in front of a microphone giving you the real. Simple as that. Straight raw and rigged just like his voice. His voice is a filled with pain just like the life he lived in the past. Bootha is having is way now and there is no negotiating with it. Check out the video above and for more on this artist, follow him on Instagram at @_Bootha.

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