Chief Zeez Honors The Street Code Of Conduct On ‘No Grey Area’ Project

Chief Zeez lets you know that he’s one sided when it comes to how he maneuvers in the streets. There is a certain way how Zeez lives his life and he’s all in with no loop holes. On his new mixtape No Grey Area, the Southwest Alief Texas native very subtlety gives insight on the life of a trapper. 

It’s evident that Chief Zeez faced a ton of hardships in his life by the sadness in his voice. On 10 tracks, Zeez uses vivid story telling and next level word play that creates an authentic trap ambiance for the listener. From there, the cadence in voice creates a sympathetic melodic flow that makes the listener feel is pain. 

No Grey Area is like Zeez venting about his life. On tracks like”Booby Trap!” and “Payphone!” you hear him clearing his mind on the track. He uses no hook on “Booby Trap.” He comes direct with it. “Speak what’s on my mind, truth be told, I can’t bite my tongue. If it’s really beef then when you see me then go grab your gun. Quick trip to Miami, I’m still working they think I’m having fun. Same ones hating on me, same ones lacking funds. Game deep in booby traps.”

On “Payphone 1” Zeez is speaking from a hypothetical place. The same place where every one speaks from, from time-time, especially if we lost loved ones. “Payphone” is Zeez wishing he still had access to the ones he lost.

Despite all of the trials and tribulations of trap, Zeez stays solid and he expresses it in his music. Check out No Grey Area below and for more on this artists, follow him on Instagram at @chief_zeez. 

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