TCM Pain Drops Visual For “Don’t Know Her”

TCM Pain may be from Louisiana, but he’s getting a ton of love in Texas with his new track, “Don’t Know Her.” TCM Pain isn’t your typical artists from Louisiana. Although Pain is from the gully New Orleans streets, he isn’t speaking on his pain or the struggle. He preaches on the importance of self-worth and independence. On “Don’t Know Her,” TCM is delivering turnt, trippy vibes that gets your mind and body going.

On the track, TCM uses his smooth cadence and raps about his playa ways.  He raps, “Ridin’ through the city in a Rover, she say I’m too busy just come over, no I can’t come over. Heavy on my mind just like a boulder, love her but she know I come before her.”

Check out the video for “Don’t Know Her” below. 

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