Cico P Puts On For H-Town In New Track “Houston”

Cico P from Jacksonville Texas lyrically describes the extravagant lifestyle of living in H-Town on new track “Houston.” If you’re from Houston, then you know this is the place of the playa and pimps and what comes with that is a bunch of ladies falling at your grace. Cico P is very fortunate to not be a fool to the beautiful ladies, who’s attempting to run game on him. It’s evident that he’s hip, by his latest track.

With his melodic singing rap style, Cico P lets you know that he can’t get in to deep with because “shawty a fan.” “Houston isn’t the only city themed track that has Cico P buzzing. Prior to this single, his last track “Tampa” received a Gold Certification. 

Check out his latest track “Houston” below and for more information on this artist, follow him on Instagram at Cico.P

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