96 Worldwide Is Giving Good Game On ‘The Street’s Gentleman’ EP

Coming from the Southwest side of Houston, 96 Worldwide hustler’s ambition all over the world and he’s inspiring you to do the same on new The Street’s Gentleman project. 96 Worldwide started off as a photographer and club promoter then worked his way up to being one of the Slapwoods creative directors in Houston. Now, the H-Town native has put all of his creativity on wax and used six tracks to drop gems on whoever chooses to listen.

On The Street’s Gentleman, 96 Worldwide is giving motivation immediately. The first track, “Always Win,” he used a smooth mind-stimulating production to let you know that a loss is never a loss if you learned from it. He raps, “I’m a always win n***a, in case I ever lose, I’m a learn the lesson from it, I’ll never sing the blues.”

On the next track, “Homework,” he pays homage to his hometown, Houston, the home of the players and pimps. 96 opens the track with a Screw influenced beat, then he comes in kicking game to the ladies. “Homework” is short and sweet. He’s direct with it. “You should do your homework, learn you something new today. Invest your time wisely baby, you should find you own lane. You can be yo own boss, you can make yo own name. You can make it worldwide, baby we can change the game. 

I don’t want to spoil the tape, so I’m not going to give you all the game away freely, I’ll leave that up to 96 Worldwide. Check out the new project The Street’s Gentleman below and tell us what you think


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