DeeBaby Puts On For His Heritage On New Track “Only The Ese’s”

From Houston, DeeBaby has been shutting the scene down since he dropped his smash single, “Marz.”  Since then, the Mexican-American rapper has made a name for himself, and each level he reaches, he had lost touch with his heritage. In hot single “Marz,” DeeBaby said, “She like me more because I’m Mexican,” now in his new track, he’s representing his kind.

DeeBaby might not be in sombreros and ponchos in new video “Only The Ese’s,” but he’s for sure representing. He’s Louie down with God like jewels telling you something. He raps, “Who you think you get the work from? Ese, don’t call me DeeBaby, lil n***a it’s Hefe. We get it from Mexicao, y’all go to L.A.”

Right now, DeeBaby is probably the most influential Hispanic rapping H-Town and sort of opened the doors for the Hispanic-American community to pursue music. “Only The Ese’s” is the second single to his future project, Junkie Mode. The video for “Junkie Mode (Intro)” is already out on YouTube and for more information on DeeBaby, follow him on Instagram @Oficialdeebaby.

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