Cabanaa Flexes Hard In New Video “Before Your Eyes”

Cabanaa from Baltimore is putting all his success in his haters face, especially in his new video “Before Your Eyes.” 

Out the gate he, lets fans know that as long as he believes in himself, then he’s going up and you’re going to see it. He tells us in his lyricism. As the beat builds, Cabanaa starts spitting the real. He says,  “They don’t want to see me win. You can never count me out as long as I count myself in. N****s want to finish me, but I keep coming back again.” 

Although the video is in black and white, but the vision is clear. Cabanaa shows off his face on billboards, him in exotic cars and him progressing in his music career. He shows fans that he’s at the one of hip-hops most prominent radio stations FM Power 105.1, just a bunch of success in this “Before Your Eyes” video.

Check out the video below and for more information on this artist, follow him on Instagram @Cabanaacartier.

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