Jonathan McCullough Is Aiming To Entertain Worldwide

As Houston continues to become more and more of a pub for entertainment across the nation, more homegrown entertainers are emerging by the day. From musicians to actors, actresses to comedians and podcasters, the Bayou City gravitates toward the spotlight.

Jonathan McCullough, also known as CEOJmacWorldWide or the Presidential Hustle, has been entertaining since his adolescence.

“I’ve been in entertainment nearly all my life,” said McCullough. “I grew up performing and acting in stage plays, singing/rapping and playing multiple instruments all the way through high school while playing sports.”

And along with the entertaining, he also embraced entrepreneurship. He started a magazine company called D.A.S.H.(Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston) promoting urban entertainment businesses from Texas. Then he began promoting parties and even opened a club of my own. McCullough teamed up with his brother Michael Motte and formed Presidential Hustle Records & Ent. They then started pushing their first artist AsharieX, formally known as Young Genocide, then Playapapi Sinatra, Kevin Kong, Averax of Las Vegas. They worked with a long list of artists and groups including Antlive, Bigkabthadon, BNFA, Dj Chose, Beatking, JDawg, and numerous others in Houston.

They also promoted parties at Prairie View A&M and Stephen F. Austin, which they attended and graduated from. The group then transitioned to other colleges in Texas, all the way to South Padre Island for Texas college spring break, being the first black outsourced promoters.

A tragic accident happened at one of their parties, which made McCullough take this entertainment thing serious.

“Michael was killed at one of our own parties and and later I was coerced and sentenced to prison in we took time off suffering the lost and time,” he said. “I Revamped after a year or so and got back to it all around. Musically and entertainment wise. Currently I’m back acting, doing comedy and content creating on social media, which is looking promising. I’m working on a few films and doing stand up comedy as well. I’ve been through so much with entertainment and life no one would believe. Since it’s funny I’m still here through it all I might as well make the world laugh.”

Now if you go to McCullough’s Instagram page, @ceojmacworldwide, you’ll see him embracing his comical side. If you’re ever feeling down, McCullough’s funny homemade videos should definitely brighten up your day

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