Houston, TX-DeFi Society Studio presents: Mad Rabbits Riot Club (MRRC) is a harrowing, yet exhilarating, saga into a raucous world of crypto intrigue, turf wars, and metaverse heists. MRRC in collaboration with Sideways has linked up to bring the world an NFT music album, “Welcome To Gang Wars”. 10 Anthems. 10 Gangs. 10 NFTs. A collaboration forged in the fires of true madness. In anticipation of this release MRRC and Sideways are hosting an album release party with live performances by, Shan Vincent De PaulColemanhellLa+ch the producer, Kirko Bangz, and I Am Justified and DJ Vanilla Trill at Park Ave. (Previously Hughes Hangar) on Friday, October 28th.

Taking a step further into the depths of MRRC: Gang Wars, in the early days of Ethereum, Mad Rabbits roamed free on the blockchain searching for rewards. As volume increased, blocks became rich, sacred territory… until the great fork. The Mad Rabbits were hashed into fractured groups, depicted by iconic gangs from history, each hellbent on staking their claim to new blocks – no matter the cost. However, not all were this fortunate; some unlucky rabbits went to jail, hashed into the blockchain forever.

Mad Rabbits Riot Club has roots and strong Houston ties, as several MRRC holders call Houston home including Kirko Bangz, Donkeeboy, David Anderson, III, and many others. The collection strives to let their audience know this is just the beginning of a future-proof, community driven ecosystem.

Welcome To Gang Wars will be released on Nifty Gateway’s platform Monday, October 31st.

MRRC rabbits are available to buy, sell, or trade on marketplaces like Nifty Gateway and OpenSea. For more information on Mad Rabbit Riot’s Club please visit https://madrabbits.io/ .

About MRRC:
Mad Rabbits Riot Club is a collection of 7,500 unique Mad Rabbit NFTs— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.  The collection features profile pictures of cartoon rabbits that are procedurally generated by an algorithm.

About Sideways:
sideways.GANG is a JUNO Award winning, multi-platinum artist collective based out of Toronto, Canada. Its core members; multi-disciplinary performing artist Coleman Hell, director and creative visionary Shan Vincent De Paul and genre-bending producer LA+CH feature heavy on the ‘Welcome To GANG WARS’ album. Coleman and SV deliver staggering raps and vocals, while LA+CH provides a thundering 808 booming backdrop to the entire soundtrack.