SheSoHouston is making it clear that she isn’t selling for less. She’s from Houston, obviously, and she’s making a name for herself as one of the rising talented female rappers in the city. She’s doing so by fiercely rapping and letting the men know that if you want a chance with her, you must ready and willing to spend that bag, and it better be a large one.

On her new single, “BIG SPENDAS,” she’s rapping over a beat sampling the Ying Yang Twins track “Say I Yi Yi,” and she’s letting you know what she requires for her attention.

“I do you n****s how you did me, all you n****s naive, p***y holy water, got these n****s praying God please. NFL n****s tryna spend and wine and dine me. Got yo favorite rapper in my DMs tryna sign me.”

But just because she’s rapping about breaking dudes pockets, she also makes it clear that you still might not get her goodies.

“Never needed a n***a, b***h I’m on like a light switch. Got yo n***a blowing up my zelle thinkin that he might hit. I don’t want that n****a he lame that’s alright sis.”

In the words of Kanye West, I’m not saying SheSoHouston is a gold digger, but she ain’t f*****g with no broke n***a clearly. Take SheSoHouston’s new single “BIG SPENDAS” as her knowing her worth and not accepting anything less than that. Check out her new performance video below, and for more information on this artist, follow her on Instagram @_SheSoHouston.