Yung Lott and Baby Sam used their latest track to get a lot off their chest. On their newest track, “Talk My S**t” the two emcees seemingly brought that real rap back.

In the opening verse, over a smooth beat, Yung Lott aggressively speaks about his current lifestyle. From women to record deals, on “Talk My S**t,” Yung Lott is giving his listeners the real when it comes to him. 

“You don’t move how I move with no co-sign. Don’t tempt me, I’m rent-free in yo h*e mind. Cockblocking, you the type to get closed line. Tight rope keep it Flood, check my clothing line. If you ain’t talking about a bag then I won’t sign.”

In verse two, Baby Sam jumps on the track with a cooler demeanor, but it’s clear that he means business. He’s talking 223s and 762s; warning the opposition that if you try him, bad news might beat you home. 

“See I hang out with them thangs out, and every time we hang out we got them thangs out. What they talking bout, I don’t know what they sayin’. And if they talkin too much then it’s money on his head. All that loud talking n***a and talking on the phone. F**k around and bay news beat ya home. 762s, 223s break bones.”

Both, Yung Lott and Baby Sam had a ton to say on “Talk My S**t.” Check out the track below and for more information, follow them on Instagram @iambabysam_ and @yunglott_flood, respectively.