If you’re a person who enjoys their own company, then Designer Lynn’s new track “So out of Reach” is a song for you. 

Over some slow and smooth production, the New Orleans native floats on the beat while giving his listeners an update on his current state of mind. On “So out of Reach,” Lynn calmly tells us that he’s still fly, still hustling, still doing what he normally does, just off the radar. 

He raps:

“I know they wish we could speak, but the kid, he been so outta reach. Makin’ my rounds through the hood, I’ve been sitting back collecting the cheese. I really ball like Hakeem most of these n****s be selling a dream. Youngin went jumped in that water head first, he feel like he a marine. Shawty got mo a** than Nicki, I wonder how it got in them jeans. I’m tryna stay real lowkey, but my fit always causing a scene.”

If you haven’t heard of Designer Lynn before this article, get familiar with him. He’s originally from New Orleans but has been in Houston since Hurricane Katrina, and as of late, he’s been one of the most consistent artists in H-Town. His track record speaks for itself. Besides “So out of Reach,” which you can jam above, he has songs with Lul Tyler, Pooh Shiesty, Lil Jairmy, and YTB Fatt. Listeners can also check out his latest mixtape, Trappin In Designer below. For more on this artist, follow him on Instagram @_designerlynn.