Houston is not only home to a ton of talented artists but also the home of hard-working talented artists. See, there’s a saying in H-Town that goes, “If you don’t grind, you don’t shine,” and Lil Pat The Nicest, from the South Park/Dead End area of Houston, defines just that. 

Not only has he gone on tour with Brooklyn rapper AZ and one of Houston’s finest, Riff Raff, but he’s also worked with Taylor Gang’s Young Deji, Houston’s lyrical monster Propaine, and Bfb Da Packman. Now Lil Pat The Nicest is back with a banger called “Out The Mud.”

“Out The Mud” is a track from his latest album, TIMEOUT,  and is shot and directed by Highly Confident. In the video, Lil Pat The Nicest fully displays why he’s considered the nicest on the microphone.  

While walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Pat is spitting bar after bar, letting listeners know that he’s not just a rapper, but also a lyricist. In the opening lines, he raps,

“Cappin a** n***a what you wanna do? Got it out the mud, dug it out just like I’m 42. Beam on the Glock make it look like I’m recording you. I done seen n****s true colors, and it’s colorful.”

And that’s only in the first 25 seconds of the track. On top of being in LA, Lil Pat The Nicest also visits the Trap Meusum in Atlanta, where he’s still delivering bar after bar in his rap. 

For more on Lil Pat The Nicest, you can follow him on Instagram @lilpat.thenicest, and for more of his music like his TIMEOUT project, you can click here or just listen below.