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got Mojoe? “Follow @mojoelive” is set to be Mojoe’s Next Release!

Follow @mojoelive

Indie-Soul / Hip-Hop / Blues Rap

(Straight Line Entertainment, 2010)

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When Mathew Knowles’ re-released MoJoe’s debut album on his Music World label in 2006, he packed up the band in a van and sent them on a year-and-a-half national tour. He knew MoJoe not only had to be heard, but more importantly, MoJoe had to be seen and felt live.

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During 2008, the band trimmed its grueling tour schedule to record their second album, Dirty Genes. After the album was released through Straight Line Entertainment in 2009, MoJoe returned to their hometown of San Antonio to perfect the new songs on stage and to get in ‘touring shape’.  After playing just about every popular stage in town, the group decided to record their Juneteenth show at the legendary Sam’s Burger Joint.

From the band’s inception, MoJoe’s live show has been their strength. Follow @mojoelive captures the band in their purest and most celebrated state.  The set list from that night includes mostly live workings of songs from Dirty Genes.  A standout is the live version of ‘Strange Revival’, a song produced by S1 (co-producer of Kanye West’s new single ‘Power’).  The set also includes a couple of songs from their debut album and their 2006 mixtape, Soul Motivation Volume 1, and an inspired version of Curtis Mayfield’s “Makings of You” interpreted brilliantly by the band’s lead singer, T.R.R.E.  The band caps off the night with a festive rendition of crowd favorite, ‘Voodoo Coochie’.

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At any live show, it’s the audience that shares and gives the energy reflected on stage.  The intimate audience of 500 at Sam’s that night really served as the eighth member of the band.  You can hear and feel their enthusiasm, and even hear them singing along to some of MoJoe’s old and new indie-soul classics.

As MoJoe readies their next studio album, Follow @mojoelive serves well as a collectible for their current fans and a history lesson for all their newer fans.  MoJoe has long walked to the beat of their own drum, and with the release of this live album, their legacy of originality, musicianship, soul, and lyricism continues.

Pic by Francisco Cortes

Mojoe – One Minuet Mack (Live)

[audio:http://www.houstontrendmag.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/06-One-Minute-Mack-1-2-cut.mp3|titles=One Minute Mack]

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MoJoe Covers Curtis Mayfield’s “Makings of You” Live

[audio:http://www.houstontrendmag.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/10-Makings-of-You-cut.mp3|titles=10 Makings of You cut]
Pic By Eddie Baute

MoJoe ft. Rob Bass – Miss Parker (Live)

The Miss Parker track features San Antonio singer/songwriter Rob Bass and is produced by S1 (producer of Kanye West hit single ‘Power’). The song is from their last studio album, Dirty Genes.
[audio:http://www.houstontrendmag.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/05-Miss-Parker-feat-Rob-Bass-cut.mp3|titles=Miss Parker feat Rob Bass ]





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