Verizon Gearing Up to Launch iPhone 4

Since the first iPhone release, AT&T has had them exclusively, well after February that will no longer be the case. As Apple has chosen to give Verizon Wireless the pleasure of giving the iPhone 4 a second home. The both the AT&T & Verizon versions are almost identical when it comes down to spec for spec. Both have a 1GHz A4 processor, high-resolution Retina Display, five-megapixel camera, full complement of sensors, and Gorilla Glass protecting both faces. The only difference that I can see is the Verizon version is a CMDA vs. the AT&T GSM version. Now unless you are doing some serious World travel this has little to no effect on you.

UPDATE: The Verizon version does not allow simultaneous voice & date.. so if you are on your headset and need to check on e-mail, you would need to get off the phone and then check it..

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