Behind the Scenes with J. Quest

When asked “How long have you been a Photographer?” Joseph “Quest” Chachere quickly answers “It feels like I was born with a camera, lol!” Since 2005 has started the TREND of club photography here in Houston. By not choosing to ride the wave that inDmix was on, in 2007 Quest helped launch here in Houston as one of its forefront photographers and setting new standards for in the club photography rather than just “point-&-click”. Since then we have seen many photographers get the chance to show case there level of skill on different websites. Those that have displayed quality over quantity still remain and logo can be seen on your friends facebook profile picture.

” When I’m shooting, I try to make the most out of my surroundings and my equipment. No matter what camera I’m using or where we are shooting my goal is to craft an image that will directly reflect who I’m shooting personality. Coming from very little, over the years I’ve learned to make the most out of any situation, and I use that same philosophy in my photography.”

Quest’s photography style is indeed complex, but watching him work is like watching the clouds move through the sky; it flows smoothly but a marvel is at work. Although he is very modest about his work, there is none like it. In this behind the scenes footage (shot by: Ryan King for you get to see Quest in action.

to Book J. Quest Contact him at (281) 620-9132 or via e-mail at

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