(Article) Cardio Secrets of The Fit & Famous

 For many people, running is so painful to think about that it never sparks action beyond initial thought. Often, strong new year’s resolutions come to a screeching halt on treadmills and trails at the cost of abandoned goals and feelings of self-defeat.

But what about those who hate to run and still tout physiques that are miles beyond the competition? Some of them are genetic freaks, capable of scarfing down whatever they like and still look great. However, for the most part, these people are diligently working on their cardio, even if it’s not by way of running. What’s their secret? SIMPLE: THEY DO WHAT THEY LIKE!

Find a form a of fitness you enjoy and don’t consider agonizing, and you’ll find that you begin to see it as a hobby. Excitedly fighting to find time in your schedule for exercise is far more effective than making every excuse to tank the cardio to rush home for reality tv and an ice cream binge. Exercise should be that thing we do to relieve ourselves and clear our minds after a rough day, not the thing we abandon with the excuse being that the day was rough. You’ll find also that when you’re enjoying the journey, you reach your destination sooner. If you are constantly enjoying the work, you do it more often, more skillfully, and therefor more effectively.

I was once surprised by a special guest at my health club when a notable R&B artist came in to visit while on tour. He mentioned that he enjoys kickboxing for cardio, and before I knew it, I was exchanging blows with him. Heart rates were high, the spirit of competition was driving us to work stronger and outlast feelings of discomfort and fatigue, and the sweating and calorie burning was incredible.

I challenge you to surf the web and find a few ideas. Who has the ideal physique and is known for their fitness hustle? Is it Jessica Biel who is rumored to lift heavy weights like the fellas with no fear of “getting bulky”? Possibly J. Lo who has made it known that she loves the TRX suspension training system and is still smoking hot as a middle-aged mom? Google search “(insert celeb name) fitness routine” and see if you can find an article or interview in which they expose their secrets. Follow that! Be motivated by a figure you respect and then allow them to be your trainer, offering tips on ways that you can ENJOY and BENEFIT from cardio.

Lastly, don’t forget about group exercise classes. This is another way to greatly enjoy exercise. Classes like spin or boot camp often offer a jamming playlist and an enthusiastic instructor who does all the thinking for you, so you can simply show up, getting going and take in motivation from those working alongside you.


Let’s get fit, folks!


By Terry Williams of Houston TREND

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