Established in 2009, HARCOM ENTERTAINMENT LLC., short for HARRIS-COMEDY, books comedy shows
& comedians nationwide, but is based in Houston Texas. Hosting his fifth event, CEO and owner Shawn
Harris, a BET/HBO All Star Comedian brought Luenell and Friends to the stage for a laugh filled comedy
show on Sunday night called Giggles At Grooves.

Surpassing the success of shows past, this event garnered a great atmosphere and a sold out crowd.
Between acts, Harris kept the audience in stitches with jokes about the train wreck of a reality show,
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, reminding us of that Monday night when Joseline asked, “ Did you ebba weealy
lub me Steebie?” He also joked about road trips with his Alzheimers’ stricken mother and the “harmless”
mind games he would play while headed to their destinations.

The house was undoubtedly brought down by Luenell at the closing of the night. She joked about love,
life, alcohol and even her home town of Tollette, Arkansas. She spoke on her ability to completely
be herself; including the decision to no longer hold her stomach in for anyone.. INCLUDING men that
fetched her interest, “You can’t hold your stomach in while you’re sleeping so why even bother while
you’re awake” I even had to tweet one of her classic lines from the show while I was there, “An inch and
a half underneath the c-section scar is a pot of gold.. You better lift that belly up and get up under that!”
And THERE it is!!!

She was very courteous to her guests that stayed after the show for autographs or just to say hi, even
speaking to the performers that preceded her on stage sharing tricks of the trade. She always puts on a
good show and Sunday night was no exception.

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Moments Captured by: Ms. In The Know of Houston TREND

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