When it comes to young, fresh and trendy fashion, there aren’t too many lines who have the reputation like SneakerGeeks does. Catering to the “sneakerhead,” SneakerGeeks is a line for young hipsters who have a unique sense of style and for those avid sneaker lovers.

SneakerGeeks founder Kendrick Scott, began sketching ideas for SneakerGeeks early 2006. Prior to his now popular brand, Scott was starting a clothing brand by the name of “Block Phrasez” in 2004.Scott wanted to create t-shirts with popular phrases that people frequently used but with his own personal twist to it. Soon thereafter, devastation struct when Hurricane Katrina pounded Louisiana and surrounding areas in 2005 and his plans were put on hold. Scott soon then moved to Houston and formed a group called The Official SneakerGeeks Of Houston. This was a group consisted of both males and females who shared the same passion for sneakers.


After realizing how large the sneaker lover population was, Scott had an urge to draw up his own line again. “SneakerGeeks” he called it. The line initially started with basic t-shirts stamped with the GEEK logo, but in different colors. SneakerGeeks has grown in popularity over the last few years with everything from hats, t-shirts, sweaters and letterman styled jackets. Though, the design closest to this CEO’s heart is the “LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING” print. It explains in three simple words everything Kendrick Scott stands for.


SneakerGeeks has worked with popular artist such as Lil Chuckee of YMCMB, Lil Flip, LE$ of BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ & Fat Pimp. These artists can be seen wearing SneakerGeeks clothing in various music videos.


Currently, the SneakerGeeks brand is selling in stores from Houston, New Orleans to North Carolina.

“My ultimate goal is to be sold in highly favored clothing stores like Zumiez, Pac Sun and Shiekh just to name a few,” said Scott.

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Instagram: sneakergeeksclothing