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Monday Nights @ Debonair Lounge: Live Band. Positive Vibes. Beautiful People

Lets keep it TRILL, we’ve all had them, (Wait for it….) YES! The case of the Mondays. Those dreadful, gloomy Mondays, right? I could go on and on about the Morning Mondays, but I’d rather talk about the very place that’s put a chokehold on Monday night entertainment, The Debonair Lounge at Café 4212.

Houston TREND first made mention of the Debonair Lounge, in this month’s feature cover article “The Champ Is Here”, when we interviewed Brad Gilmore, the co-host of the Monday night spot. Brad casted it as “A nice balance of turn up and chill.” And that’s indeed the perfect description. We got a chance to hit up the creator of the Debonair Lounge and other half of the Debonair Duo, Tay Mitch aka the Duke of Debonair. “Café 4212 is a down to earth place its real artsy, it’s a good soul foul feel. Its that good soul, what music is missing, especially, what Houston is missing. You can actually come here and hear great music, see great shows, get positive vibes and see beautiful people. The Debonair Lounge is everything I love about life. I wanted to bring what I love about life to Houston. Why not get your week started the right way. It brings that happiness to the beginning of the week and you have something to look forward to on Mondays.”

Debonair Mondays, are the calm after the storm; after a long work day and that quench for the “Man I need a drink after I leave here!” thirst.  The Debonair Lounge is a settled balance, bringing your night to a soothing end and throwing a mini turn-up in there, thanks to DJ King Henry, who flexes on the ones and twos and the Debonair Lounge live band. “The band is great. I’ve never seen anyone play music the way these guys play. I actually send these guys the music maybe four days in advance and they know everybody’s music and they rock out every Monday.”

Tay Mitch, manager of R&B singer, Prince Cannon, took to Café 4212 because of its atmosphere and to be honest, this location suits the vision perfectly. A nice spot with a huge patio and terrace, happy hour from 9pm-11pm, 50 cent wings, great drinks and live entertainment? Your Monday nights will never be the same and if you stick around, you’re bound to see a familiar face. Then on the performance side, you have great local artists such as, Jack Freeman, Anzeo, Jaye Nicole, Denaron, Sabrina Antoinette and more. “The Debonair lounge was created to give back to those R&B artists, who actually have the vocals and the talent. There’s so many artist in Houston who don’t get that recognition, so we showcase great talent and we do that with a small twist. We throw a live band in the mix and it’s hosted by Lord Trillmore and the Duke of Debonair.” And this duo are sure to put on a show, entertaining the crowd to the fullest.

Tay Mitch is surely a trendsetter in Houston and Debonair Mondays are the new TREND for Monday nights, bridging the gap between great music and possibilities. “You can actually come here get great music and the possibility of who you may meet in here because you don’t know who’s in here, listening to your music. That’s another thing that I want people to understand that this is not only a social lounge, but a networking event to meet somebody in here.” With the help of his Debonair crew, Tay also gives huge shot outs to, Kelly Cryer of Hybrid Marketing and Media and Michael Wiggins of No Ceilingz Media, who provide marketing, graphics and media for the Debonair Lounge and by the way, on the promotional aspect of Debonair Mondays, its AWESOME, so shout out to those guys too.

Now you can read about it here, but why not go and check it out for yourself. Forget about the aftermath of your day and enjoy the night with friends, enjoy the entertainment and unwind. Everything is affordable and you will have a good time. You might be a little tired from a mid-turn-up the next morning, but you ended your Monday off in true debonair style!

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