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Roses are red, violets are blue, this is the G way to show some love to your boo. Although Valentine’s Day is mostly dedicated for couples, the ultimate purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show love and to put others first. Remember the greatest gift you can give someone is love. Here are 10 things you can do it celebrate the day of love.

1872630-256-k3147591. No matter who you chose to spend your day with or what you chose to do, you can enjoy this exclusive mix from Donnie Houston, “V Day The G Way”. The possibilities are endless. Be creative. Keep it G.

Since G’s aren’t necessarily lubby-dubby in public, here are some ways to finesse your gal (or for ladies, ways to treat your man after a busy day at work) at home for this holiday.

Home-Spa: Bath Soaks, Exfoliating Scrubs & Aromatherapy Massage

Beautiful young couple enjoying a bathBath Soaks

• Fact: Bubble bath products often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin!

Bath soaks can be an awesome alternative to bubble baths. Each of these soaks is 100% all natural and safe for your skin. You can create a healthy, soothing bath with simple household ingredients or items from your local grocery store. Here are several types of bath soaks (you can pick based on your personal skin needs)

2. The Milk and Honey Bath

The lactic acid in milk has both exfoliating and moisturizing properties, while  pure honey will soften skin. To create this bath, pour 1.5 cups of full-fat milk (or 1 cup of full-fat powdered milk) and ½ cup of pure honey directly into  warm running water. Stir around and enjoy silky soft skin! Rinse tub after  bathing.

3. Red Wine or Champagne Bath

Red Wine is proven to be full of antioxidants and posses anti-aging properties. Champagne contains tartaric acid, which helps reduce discoloration and fine lines. Both drinks cleanse pores and leave skin feeling  silky smooth! To create this bath, simply pour a glass (or three) into a warm, running bath and soak! To create a more Valentine-sy appearance, you can  drop rose petals in and around the tub area, and light an aromatherapy  candle to relax the senses! (Note: I tried this one, with Arbor Mist: Wine with Fruit Arbor Mist Sangria Zinfandel. Scent was amazing and skin felt incredible afterwards!)

4. Essential Oil Bath

• Essential oils are from fruits, barks, plants, etc. and are used for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. Imagine squeezing a fresh orange peel; the aroma and      juice on your hand are products of the fruit’s essential oil!

 To experience a mood-lifting, rejuvenating bath, simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to hot water! The essential oil is absorbed easily by the skin and can be found at Wal-Mart for less than $20. Some common essential oils are rosemary, lavender, peppermint, orange, tea tree, and rose  geranium. Each essential oil posesses specific skin-enhancing properties. Tea tree, for example, is great for healing, while lavender is great for relaxation.

Bath soaks are simple, yet effective ways of making your body feel amazing, which will in turn make YOU feel beautiful! Surprise your loved one with a personalized bath soak to leave their skin feeling great (and loved)!

For those more into showers than baths, I recommend a homemade exfoliating scrub!

5. Exfoliating Scrubs

Exfoliating scrubs are easy to make and a simple way of “going the extra mile” to pamper your loved one. Exfoliating means to wash the skin in a way that removes dead skin cells, making skin feel fresher and look better.

To create a homemade exfoliating scrub, you will need a granular substance (raw sugar, brown sugar, or sea salt) and an oil (baby oil, vegetable oil or coconut oil). Essential oils can also be added to enhance the aroma. (Note:  My personal favorite is coconut oil, brown sugar, and orange essential oil.) Simply mix ingredients together in a Tupperware container. You want the consistency to be paste-like; you need to be able to rub it comfortably across skin, but it should not be liquidy.

To use: rinse body in warm water, get a handful of the scrub and rub it across skin. Massage scrub into skin in a circular motion, covering the whole body. Rinse! Excess scrub can be saved in the refrigerator for later use.

give-romantic-massage-200x2006. Aromatherapy Massage

You don’t have to be a professional to give a decent massage! With simple techniques and the perfect atmosphere, a massage can be the perfect way to say you love someone exactly how they are. To prepare the atmosphere, dim the lights, light a few aromatherapy candles (you can find these at Wal-Mart), and make sure it isn’t freezing- no one wants to be naked and cold. Smooth out the bed sheets and have a robe handy. All you need for the massage is baby oil and some essential oils. You will want to mix the essential oil into the baby oil to dilute it, then leave a container of the mixture near the bed area. To heat the oil, rub it in your hands to create friction. Once the oil is warm, spread the oil around the back. It should be easy for you to slide your hand across the back, but shouldn’t be too slippery. Find the right amount of pressure. Try alternating pressure and motions, but always try to work from the spine outward. The best advice is to do what you think would feel good and to ask your loved one for feedback! Even a 20 minute massage shows that you are trying to do something different to show your appreciation!

Valentine’s Treats

Here are some simple ways to spice up traditional Valentine’s Day treats!

7. You can put a twist on a traditional glass of champagne by adding chilled pomegranate seeds to the glass. The rich maroon color adds character to the glass. To add a bit of flavor, consider tossing in a few frozen raspberries! The flavor is phenomenal and the color combination seems more holiday-appropriate.

8. Everybody does the original chocolate-covered strawberries, but there are several other berries that are delicious when chocolate-dipped. Melt a package of chocolate bark in a large, microwave-safe bowl. Insert toothpicks in the tops of washed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and any other snack item you can think of (rice crispies, marshmallows, vanilla wafers, cookies, brownies, etc.) and dip each item into the melted chocolate. Place each treat on a foil-covered cookie sheet and remove the toothpick. You can set the tray in the freezer and serve when chilled, 30-45 mins.

Ideas For Singles

9. Volunteer with your local food bank. There are thousands of people in your city more concerned about their next meal than having a Valentine. Spend the day of love showing love to others and making friends. What could be more G than that? To get involved with the Houston Food Bank, contact Volunteer Engagement at 713-547-8604 or visit http://houstonfoodbank.org/volunteer/register-to-volunteer/.

10. Spend time with the elderly! Volunteer Houston is providing a great opportunity for volunteers to visit nursing homes in the area on Saturday (2/15/14) morning and bring smiles to many faces. To learn more about this sweet opportunity to share love and give back, read more information and sign up here: http://holidayprojecthouston.org/.

Ultimately, the goal of Valentine’s Day is to share your love with someone. Your main, your mom, your children, your grandmother, maybe a stranger. But show some love on the 14th. Brighten someone’s day. Or ride around the city and listen to “V-Day The G Way”. Wherever you are, whatever you do, spend your V-Day the G Way.

Special thanks to Donnie Houston for the V-Day the G Way Mix. Be sure to check out other mixes and his work at DonnieHouston.com. Follow him on twitter & IG @ImDonnieHouston



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