(Sports) Houston Rockets: Championship Contender?

Written by: Kardhiac of Houston TREND

95-titleWith the NBA season winding down there are a few things that are obvious by now. First of all, the East sucks. Second of all, this may be the deepest the West has been in years. The West has a legitimate ten teams that could make the playoffs and it is very possible for a first round upset in the West as well. Our very own Houston Rockets have a possible chance to make it to the NBA Finals. How can you not love the Rockets and how well they’re playing?

For those that have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of the home games have experienced these very exciting games in person. The Houston fans really energize the team and provide that extra spark that gives them the push they need some nights. When the Toyota Center is rocking there is no other place to watch the game. Having home court advantage could serve the Rockets the same way it served the Seahawks in Seattle. Now we all know nothing compares to the deafening noise in Seattle, but the way the Rockets feed off of the crowd is unparalleled.

Giving credit where credit is due, Dwight Howard has played very well this season. He painted a bulls-eye on his chest when he decided to leave such a storied franchise like the Lakers to join the Rockets. The complimentary pieces are good as well. Chandler Parsons has potential to be a superstar in this league. Patrick Beverly provides the necessary toughness to get under the skin of opposing point guards. Last but not least is the guy who should be in the MVP conversation, James Harden. He is proving each game why OKC made a bad decision letting him go. The way he takes over in late game situations is something we haven’t seen from our team in a while. The only impediment against the Rockets is there defense or lack thereof. If they tighten up on defense. Also, we need a better inside presence. In the playoffs the game slows down tremendously and you can either live by the jump shot or die by the jump shot. There won’t be as many open shots from long range, so they’re going to have to feed their big men in order to open up shooters in the paint.

We are in for a great playoff run this year!

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