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David Pablo Album Listening Party @ Fox Hollow

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Written/Interviewed By: Jordan Lee of Houston TREND

Houston Trend was invited out to hear a new artist who goes by the name of David
Pablo. He gathered all of his supporters at Houston’s Fox Hollow in the Heights.
Patrons got to enjoy specialty martinis, crawfish on the patio, and David’s tunes
mixed in with some of the crowd’s favorite music.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with David for a quick interview during the
event. I was impressed by his willingness to open up and the delivery of his
answers. I found out that he is actually a Houston native, but based out of
California with his team, where he gets most of his musical work done. The name of
his LP is called Blessed & Beasty, where David talks about his encounters during his journey to being the next big thing to hit hip-hop.

Jordan Lee: What do you want your listeners to take from BLESSED & BEASTY?

David Pablo: I would like for listeners to take away the feeling of there is still hope in hip-hop, but more so hope for the youth regarding their faith. Through this album I hope to inspire others that in regardless of the lifestyle you live or paths you’ve taken, God still has favor and guidance over you, so don’t be ashamed or
afraid to establish and strengthen your OWN PERSONAL relationship with him. He blessed us all with the brains, talent, and abilities we have, so its on us to apply the hustle and drive which then transforms us to Blessed & Beasty. I emphasized my own personal relationship because due to their feelings regarding certain religions, so many people refrain from being in touch with their spirituality. It’s actually about how you feel and interact with God, not how the world tells you (that) you should. After hearing this album, the listeners should want to jump up and be GREAT!

P.S Oh and tell them that I’m not a preacher by a long shot, just a RN (real nigga)
that understands his purpose.

Jordan: What else can we expect to see from David Pablo?

David: What you can expect from David Pablo is to work my a** off to put myself in a key position to be the next big thing comparable to Jay-Z and not lyrically, but the overall hustle and applying business smarts to the music industry, while inspiring greatness, creativity and wealth for all those around me! So in short, expect big things!

Jordan: Possible show in Houston?

David: Like Batman, whenever there’s a call I’ll be there. Have them (potential fans) check my website and IG for updates.

You can find David’s new album on his website www.ItsDavidPablo.com and stay updated
by following his official Instagram @ItsDavidPablo

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