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Veterans Day

Written By: Loso of Houston TREND

Veterans day comes every year and to some its an day off of work but to other is a day of thanks and remembrance. A day where we thank the many men and woman who put it on the line for our freedom. So this year I decided to ask a few close friends and members of our United States Military Branches.

Marco Flores, E-4 Specialist (U.S. Army)


Veterans Day to me means the freedom that man of us have died, bled and fought for so our children and our children’s children can grow and live their dreams!

Curtis Lee, A-1C or Airman First Class (U. S. Air Force)


To me Veterans Day means honoring those who have served and given there life for our freedom, and to protect our country. And also following in the footsteps of my grandfather who served in WW2 that alone most of all makes me proud to be a Vet myself.

Jamal Bey, E-4 Specialist (U.S. Army)


Veterans Day is a day to remember people like my grandfather that served in WWII and my dad that was in Vietnam. A time to remember those that lived and those that paid the ultimate price.

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