The Visionary1 is living proof that Houston has so many great artists, but sometimes they are hard to find because they are buried underneath the nonsense that comes out of the city. This is one of the hardest artists in the city. The Visionary1 display the ability to not only spit Big Sean bars, but he can also harmonize with the best of them. He is putting creativity and passion back in to music. He’s not making materialistic music. His sound is heartfelt, you have to feel him. The emotions are real, the sound is real, and most of all, the music is real. It’s been two months since he released music, but his latest track “Ocean Eyes” his a definite banger in which he utilizes all of his musical talent. He is giving you a little bit of everything from the blazing rap skills to his soothing singing capabilities. And best of all, he gives us substance.  You can check out his soundcloud @TheVisionary1 to deeply evaluate his music, he gives us a plethora of quality tracks. Check out his “Ocean Eyes” video and his Faith Evans inspired track “Make It Up To You” here.

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