ALL THAT GLITTERS: An Inside Look at The Midas Group

With a name like “The Midas Group”, you might imagine Mikos & Tay Mitch magically transformed into Clutch City Gold. To the contrary, fate, faith and tireless devotion to their vision turned two destined Texans into “Overnight Celebrities” … years in the making. 

Two similarly directed lanes that merged, they met in Night Life Promotions on an event that was mishandled; which is to say, the money was funny. For many of us, there aint a damn thing funny about finance. The scenario could’ve easily gone sour. However, being of positive energy and progressive mindsets, Mikos & Tay Mitch took a meeting of chance and spun it into gold.

They say “Opposites Attract”. In this case the cliché  rings true because the two couldn’t possibly be more different.  


Tay Mitch |  IG: @TayMitch
Tay Mitch is from a small town in North Texas called Pittsburg, population 4,707.
To date, he’s lived in H Town for 4 Years.

The Martell / Fader Connection:
TM was approached in a bar one evening based solely off a bar manager who had been following him on Instagram, proof positive to “Older Generations” that all the time Millennials spend on their phone is in NOT vain.

“Are you Tay Mitch?”

She said she’d been following him for a while and wanted him to apply for the position on Martell Cognac. Without his consent, she had ALREADY put his name in as a prospect for the position. Can you imagine something so destine for you, that it sought YOU out simply because YOU are YOU? Look at God.

2 months later he got a call from the Fader, one of the culture’s most prominent online publications.

Because of the meticulous management of his social media, how he branded himself as a public figure, and the message he represented [“Luxury & Legacy”] they chose him before he even interviewed.  It’s likely Tay Mitch could’ve walked into the interview in sweats the day after a rager, and STILL got the job.

Tay Mitch is currently a Lifetstyle Manager for Martell, one of only FIVE in the Nation.


Mikos Adams | IG: @IAMMikos

I met Mikos Adams one hot summer afternoon during a day party at Capitol Grill. Perhaps, as any great promoter should, he could sense I felt out of place. Or, perhaps, he’s just a genuinely jovial character. Either way, he introduced himself, struck up conversation and I immediately felt welcome. I have since followed Mikos on social media for the past 2 ½ years, earnestly rooting for his success.

Just goes to show you how one random act of kindness can truly go a long way.

Mikos is H Town Home Grown talent, rooted and raised in the SWAT (South West Alief Texas, for those from out of town). His Parents are from the Caribbean and he attended U of H. Mikos’s rise to Combs Enterprises isn’t quite as serendipitous. 

After graduation he was working in the Energy Field, as many Engineering Majors often do in Houston. It’s a safe and sensible bet. Yet, he was simultaneously pursuing his passion in Night Life Promotions, burning the candle at both ends.

“You’ve got to Grind to Shine”
A mantra we all affirm (self-included) when we are trying to hold the “sure thing” in one hand while grasping for the dream with the other.

Mikos would soon learn reaching his vision would require both hands.

An economic downturn in the Oil & Gas industry lead to an unfortunate lay off. Out of work, he began to focus on promotions. He remained grateful for the experience in the corporate sector because he gained applicable business acumen, and a refined sense of entrepreneurship and marketing.

He was reluctant in applying for another job in the Oil & Gas industry. However, he pressed on because, after all, that’s what “society” tells us to do. That’s the formula, right? Graduate, go to college, get the corporate job, get married, have kids and buy a house in burbs. BBQ on the weekends, then commute in grid iron to a job you hate to pay the mortgage for a home you barely get to live in.

Aint that the “American Dream”?

Nah. It’s an outdated paradigm constructed by Baby Boomers, upheld by Generation X, perpetuated by debt …
but I digress.

This is where FAITH steps in.

Mikos initially applied for a position with Jack Daniels as a rep, and he got the job too. Moving forward, pleased with the prospect of a new position as a brand ambassador, he was ready to work. Although, his dream job was still waiting in the wind. On the FIRST day of his new position with Jack Daniels, he got a call from Combs Enterprises. Yes, THAT Combs. Diddy. Bad Boy. Hip Hop Royalty.

“We heard you got hired by some whiskey company?”

He was supposed to report to Jack Daniels that day. Instead, on FAITH, he QUIT and flew out to meet with Bad Boy on a HUNCH.
They met him in the lobby and hired him on the spot.

Mikos Adams is now an elite member of Combs Enterprises, representing Ciroc Vodka and Deleon in Houston.

Midas Group:

What is the Midas Touch?
As Houston’s hottest new promotions company, The Midas Group specializes in brand management. Trend Setters and Taste Makers, the “Midas Touch” is their ability to channel their positive energy into digital mediums and “market like the year we live in”.

The two have a harnessed the magic of capturing the brightest point of light in a company or character, refining it and making appeal to all senses on social media. Which is no small feat.  

I’m gonna be honest, I am a designer by trade and I haven’t even been able to execute a look as polished as these two. So I was absolutely sincere when I asked brashly:

“Yeah, but can you do that for ANY ONE of your clients?”
Without pause they respond in unison



Written By: Corinna Delgado 

IG: @CorinnaDelgado 
FB: @CorinnaDelgado
Twitter: @CorinnaDelgado