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Like many Houstonians, I was a huge Slim Thug fan.

People knew I had just pulled up a work, not from the sound of the car, but from hearing a female’s voice screaming, “F**k dat n***a SLIM! YOU DA MUTHA*****N BOSS!” as I pulled into my parking space in front of Jamba Juice.

The running joke at my job was if you caught a ride home with Rocky, you were going to hear “Already Platinum”. They were even betting smoothies on it..

Fast forward to my waitressing job at a club a few years later.

Slim Thug walks in..

Manager: “Rocky, Slim is here. Go to the VIP area and you can wait on him today.”

I just stood there, not completely comprehending what he was saying.

Was he saying, I get to talk to Slim Thug?
Get his drink order?’… and bring it back to HIM?

::walks over with waitress tray and tries to play it cool, but partially trips over first step to the VIP area::
::tries to play it off:

::In my head…
“Should I say hi Slim?” No…
“Should I say ‘What’s up Thugga?” No NO..
“What up BOSS?” … NO…
“Hey I’m Rocky and I’m tha muthaf***** boss round here?” HELL NO!::

Me: Hi. I’m Rocky. What can I get you?
Slim: ::places order for two drinks::
Me: Comin right UP!

I don’t think I ever took a drink order to the well THAT fast in MY LIFE!

While I was standing at the drink well waiting on my drink order, I began to imagine what kind of tip “The BOSS” was gonna give me.
::In my head.. “I should probably just fake sick after I take him this order.
My tip for this order was going to meet my waitress quota for the day for SURE!::

Bartender: ROCKY! Come on! Stop daydreamin! It’s gonna be $10!
Me: Oh Ok… sure! My bad!

::Takes order to Slim::

Me: Ok, that’ll be $10.

::Slim hands me a $20 bill::
::I look at the $20 bill trying to make sure it wasn’t a $100 bill. It was kinda dark in there…::

Slim: Can I get change please?

Confused, I hand Slim a $5 bill and 5 one’s.
He hands me back the $5 bill..

Since that day, I, childishly, refused to listen to ANY Slim Thug music. I had planned on retiring off that two drink order and he had crushed my dreams…
… He was A BOSS right?

Also, since that day Slim has done many great and wonderful things in the philanthropy field for the city of Houston. February 25, 2018 has been OFFICALLY named “Thugga Day”, and rightfully so.

His Boss Life Foundation has done many great and wonderful things for the city.

He has touched and helped countless numbers of individuals through the Boss Life Foundation and Boss Life Construction especially after Hurricane Harvey.

Slim Thug may not have “paid my way into retirement” when I waited on him, however, his contributions and support to the city I was born and raised in is the REAL testament of his true character as a proud Houstonian.

On “Thugga Day” we should remember that, being a Houstonian is great and all, but to be a REAL Boss, you must give back and contribute to the community and the city that raised YOU.

Living “Like A Boss” isn’t about tipping large amounts of money or solving the everyday financial problems of person you run into..

Living “Like A Boss” is about leaving a LEGACY in the city they were raised in and their children WILL be raised in.

… and Slim Thug “Tha Boss” has earned his “Boss” title by doing just that.

– Rocky Rockett (#SchoolOfRocky)

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Twitter: @Rocky_Rockett

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