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The June 27th Freestyle was put together by Houston’s own legendary DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click more than two decades ago. The date of June 27th has since become a locally celebrated day in the hip-hop community as a day dedicated to paying respect to the late DJ Screw as well as a few of the legendary pioneers of the “Screw” sound and movement that would eventually spread all over the world.

Promotional business partners, Cosmo, Chuck and Vic noticed that while June 27th was a huge day in Houston where radio stations like 97.9 the Box played legendary music originating from our own pioneered sound, there was a lack of a “united Houston celebration” on that date.

Together they launched the “Screw Fest” in 2013 and with support from Houston radio station, 97.9 The Box, grew over the years to the point of tickets selling out weeks before the event last year.

This year, their promotion company, “Vic N Cos” decided to, due to popular demand, move the Screw Fest to other Texas cities on a tour.

“We kept receiving requests for us to bring the Screw Fest to different cities. We asked our social media followers what city they’d like to see the Screw Fest in next? The most popular responses were Dallas and Austin and we decided to move the Screw Fest through those cities in 2018.” Screw Fest Founder, Cosmo states.

Now you could decide to be upset that we now have to “share” our H-Town holiday with surrounding cities, however, you must remember. DJ Screw supported Houston, but Houstonians come from all over the map.

The fact that so many other cities want to help celebrate DJ Screw through the week of June 27th is a GREAT thing.

Calm down.

June 27th by way of Screw Fest is still officially OUR H-Town day.

The Screw Fest will STILL happen on June 27th in Houston. Other cities are just now have the ability to share on the celebration that week.

“We are considering adding more dates to the line-up as they are requested, but for now we are DEFINITELY settled on Dallas and Austin in addition to Houston in 2018.” Cosmo adds.

One thing is for certain.

June 27th seems to be on its’ way to becoming more than just a “Houston” recognized day.

June 27th is on its’ way to becoming a Texas recognized day and hopefully eventually a nationally recognized day.

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