@DYG4Eva Is Making A Name For Himself With His “Nostalgia” Mixtape

Houston is becoming home of emerging talent. Coming from the Northwest side of Houston, DYG is making a mane for himself with his “Nostalgia” mixtape.

Originally from Jackson Mississippi, DYG showcases his lyrical prowess through the entire tape. His leading single “Goals Af” as f is a substance filled track that tells highlights the ignorance of women who are searching for attention. He makes the point of some women don’t know what real goals.

DYG gained his notoriety by battling other local MCs at the Houston Rap Battle last summer. It’s obvious that this guy isn’t a gimmick rapper. His delivery comes out naturally like rap is something he does on his sleep. His other song “Clones” is where you can hear him flip the flow several times all while having a clear meaning behind it stating that most rappers sound alike.

This “Nostalgia” mixtape is filled with bars. If you are a fan of intense lyricism and substance. We’ll be checking on this guy from here on out. Check out the tape above.

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