Austin Tx Native Kynard Covers Gucci’s “I Get The Bag”

Austin Tx is a place where the hip hop culture is deeply embedded in the people there and Austin native Kynard is a product of his environment.
Yesterday, Kynard did his weekly #FreestyleFridays this time covering Gucci’s “I Get The Bag.” The sole purpose of each #FreestyleFriday is not only for Kynard to display his abilities as a word-smith from the influences of Andre 300, Jay-Z and UGK, but also he wants to build himself a fan base by bringing back real rap. Currently Kynard has no time table on a project, but he’ll be doing a freestyle every week until the end of April. Right now, check out his cover to “I Get The Bag” above and for more music from him, visit his website

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